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MORESS: Monitoring Resuscitation in Severe Sepsis



Main objective:

To compare two resuscitation strategies in patients with septic shock:


a) the standard strategy based on static parameters that is normally used for the resuscitation of these patients and

b) an updated strategy based on dynamic parameters.


We will include all patients diagnosed with septic shock admitted to the intensive care units and receiving invasive mechanical ventilation in whom volume resuscitation is indicated by the attending medical team.

We will obtain informed consent and randomize patients into treatment arms. We will record demographic, hemodynamic, and laboratory data before and after each intervention in each resuscitation strategy.

Central venous lines, arterial catheters, and heart monitoring devices (pulmonary artery catheter, PiCCO® system, LidCCO® system, echocardiography) will be used when necessary in the daily care of the septic patients; the method used will depend on each center’s resources.


We have calculated a sample of 1000 patients.

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