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Title study: Impact of an educational program in Spain based on the “Surviving Sepsis” campaign.

General characteristics:  prospective, multicenter study using a before-and-after design to evaluate an educational program.

Main objective: To evaluate the impact of a nationwide educational program on the treatment of severe sepsis/septic shock.

Secondary objectives:

  • To determine the impact of the educational program on mortality in patients with severe sepsis/septic shock.
  • To determine the current compliance with the guidelines for the treatment of severe sepsis/septic shock.
  • To determine whether there are discrepancies between perceived and actual compliance with the guidelines for the treatment of severe sepsis/septic shock.
  • To determine the incidence of severe sepsis and septic shock in Spain.

Funded by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and carried out with the support of the Spanish Society of Critical Care Medicine (SEMICYUC).

Main conclusions:

  1. A nationwide educational program can improve the treatment of patients with severe sepsis and   improve their survival.
  2. Educational programs must be sustained over time.
  3. The benefits of educational programs are especially significant in centers with more room for improvement.
  4. Early wide spectrum antibiotic treatment in all patients and activated protein C in the most severe patients are the most effective treatments for sepsis.
  5. Implementing an educational program based on the guidelines is cost effective.of the


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