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Sepsis Week




  • We can all improve the care we give to septic patients if we have better knowledge of our own performance.
  • It is the intention of this Sepsis Week to develop a core data set that can be used to audit sepsis care in ICU admissions across Europe with a view to raising the standards of care to a level consistent with the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines.


  • Improve sepsis care across Europe using an audit tool.
  • Describe the regional differences in administered treatments for sepsis
  • Describe areas of improvement in sepsis treatment for the future.
  • Describe the epidemiology of severe sepsis and septic shock in Europe.


  • Observational, multicenter, multinational, cross-sectional research.
  • Intervention at unit level.
  • Data will be collected during four periods of 1 week in one year.


All types of ICU attending patients with severe sepsis, including:

  • ICUs and intermediate care units.
  • Pediatric and adult units.
  • Academic and non-academic institutions
  • Public and private institutions
  • Units will be stratified according a previous survey.
  • All European countries (distributed among ESICM and ESPNIC members).

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